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Special Services

Jamesburg Special Services provides a full continuum of placements for classified students ranging from Preschool through Grade 8.  Our programs include full participation in General Education classes,  In-Class Resource, Resource Room, Preschool Disabled , Self-contained classes and public separate or approved private schools if needed.  Several eighth grade students attend the Career Choices program   run by Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools.

Our preschool classes are fully integrated with both general education and special education students.  In addition, we have a full-day Preschool Disabled classroom with more intensive services.  Classroom paraprofessionals may be present in classrooms to ensure that students have maximum opportunities to participate in less restrictive settings.  Instruction and programs are highly specialized.  An Extended School Year Program takes place during the summer months for students who meet the criteria for participation.

Child Study Team members include a Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant, School Psychologist and School Social Worker.  Related services providers include a Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist and consulting Behaviorist. Please feel free to contact any member of the department with questions or concerns.

A Special Education Parent Advisory Group meets several times throughout the school year.  This is a forum during which information and strategies are shared and presentations made by both school personnel and outside resources.  It is our belief that the foundation for our students’ success is built on a strong partnership between administration, team members, educators and parents.

“Child Find” refers to the process of locating, identifying and evaluating children with disabilities to ensure that they receive services to which they are entitled.  Students between the ages of 3-21, who reside in Jamesburg and are suspected of having a disability, may be referred to the Child Study Team.  A meeting will be held within 20 days to review information.  At that time, the IEP Team will determine whether to conduct evaluations to determine the student’s eligibility for Special Education and Related Services.

Please call (732) 521-2135 for additional information.